Best Paleo Quote Ever

Quote of my New Life :)

"(No, it wasn’t perfectly Paleo, but neither am I.)"


It’s been over a week since we left Austin, but in my mind, I’m still there, eating my way through the city with my friends.


Want to see what we ate for dinner — just a few hours after finishing up our fantastic lunch at Elizabeth Street Cafe? Then let’s grab some plutonium and fire up the flux capacitor. Hop into my DeLorean, and we’ll travel twelve days back in time to relive my dinner at Barley Swine and dessert at Lick Ice Cream. (No, it wasn’t perfectly Paleo, but neither am I.)


Ready to accelerate to 88 miles an hour?

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  • Posted 1 year ago
  • April 11th, 2013

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